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Intentional Food Growing

Biomimicry creates conditions conducive to life. It builds soil; it cleans air; it cleans water; it mixes the cocktail of gases that you and I need to live.

Net fertility farming: We should be growing fertility. And, oh yes — we get food, too. Because we have to grow the capacity of this planet to create more and more opportunities for life. And really, that’s what other organisms do as well. In ensemble, that’s what whole ecosystems do: they create more and more opportunities for life. Our [conventional] farming has done the opposite. So, farming based on how a prairie [reconstructed at Prairie Birthday Farm] builds soil, ranching based on how a native ungulate herd actually increases the health of the range, even waste water treatment based on how a marsh not only cleans the water, but creates incredibly sparkling productivity.

… Organisms have figured out a way to do the amazing things they do while taking care of the place that’s going to take care of their offspring.

We need to mimic nature in this way. We should be doing amazing things to take care of the place that is going to take care of our decendants. Many years of reading and studying have occurred to develop the best possible food production practices and there is still so much to learn. Humbling.

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