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Our Philosophy


Prairie Birthday Farm is committed to sharing our 30+ years of sustainable food growing experience in order to educate about the plants and animals that sustain our lives while inspiring others to produce nutritious food in their own communities. From sunny window to the orchard, raised bed gardens and more, the Farm is a place of endless discovery.  We are students of this ecosystem.

In addition to Farm research projects, we offer a wealth of information on heirloom produce and recipes, soil health, organic practices, and their links to health. 


Learning Opportunities

For chefs, growers, health care professionals, and healthy food consumers, we offer a variety of custom learning experiences including:


  • Volunteer — Private tutoring about the many aspects of growing food while working elbow to elbow with the Farm Steward on the Farm; flexible seasons, days, and times available.

  • Immersion — One to two day commitments that promote active participation in thoughtfully organized experiences to meet self-initiated and defined learning interests.

  • Presentations — Informative programs on a variety of topics including: eating for health, growing for nutrient density, farming with the wild, hosting honeybees without chemicals and restoring soil productivity.(*)

  • Tours/Demonstrations — Fee based educational Farm tours include much more than just a walk around the property. Learning stations at multiple production areas feature detailed discussions of soil development as well as crops grown and related challenges. Included are site-specific poster boards with visual presentations of the work we do and research conducted on the Farm. Printed handouts include a rich bibliography and tour-specific resources. We can accomodate a maximum of 30 guests per tour with a minimum fee of $100.(*)

  • Retreats — Individually designed opportunities to leave your everyday routine and connect on a deeper level to an ecosystem that feeds your body, mind, and spirit. Experience the Farm as a quiet, secluded place where rest and privacy are the order of the experience. By special arrangement.(*) 

  • "House Calls" — Onsite consulting to help you grow healthy food on YOUR land (yard, landscape, field, patio).(*)


* Fees negotiated individually. Contact us today to create your customized learning experience.

Our Philosophy
Learning Opportunities

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