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"Our relationship with Prairie Birthday Farm allows us to serve vibrant, fresh, unique products to our guests that make our food special and specific to our region and its terroir.  Linda raises a lot of food that is wild and/or native, and I believe that using those ingredients will be key to developing a real Midwestern cuisine.  At the Rieger we do all we can to promote sustainability and to serve foods that make sense here and express our region, our people, and our culture.  Working with producers like Prairie Birthday Farm take us closer to achieving our mission."  

H. Hanna, Executive Chef/Owner, The Rieger

"The best food requires foods that are in season, those that can be prepared and served soon after harvesting. The product that is delivered in my kitchen cannot be found in any store. Linda provides produce that cannot be found easily locally. The passion and care taken by Linda of Prairie Birthday Farm is evident in the produce she delivers. I always say that cooking food is about layers of flavor. Prairie Birthday Farm's product arrives with such amazing flavor that I know there is very little I need to do to create an amazing plate. To be able to work with, educate my staff and customers, with Linda’s product, is a privilege."  

D. Gold, James Beard Award Chef

"Products from Prairie Birthday Farm are so valuable because they inspire us to create new dishes. The herbs, rhizomes, fruits, and vegetables are so unique and always tasty. The freshness is unparalleled. Linda produces the best honey I have ever tasted. The products inspire us to create beautiful food and to create dishes worthy of them — that is what excites us as chefs. It is truly an honor to have producers like Linda here in Kansas City to help push our food culture further." 

J. Eans, Executive Chef/Owner, Happy Gillis

"Thank you for asking for suggestions, and producing the best sunchokes I have ever had!"

N. Goellner, Executive Chef/Owner, The Antler Room

"Linda's passion for growing quality food is seen with the bold, bright, and flavor packed produce! Prairie Birthday Farm is a treasure to the culinary community in Kansas City!"

B. Wood, Sous Chef, The Kauffman Center


“The past 12 years of soil and plant studies show that ecologically based management as practiced at Prairie Birthday Farm enhances soil biology and ecology, improves soil health, promotes production of fruits and vegetables without synthetic chemicals, and improves environmental quality. Research collaboration with small scale farmers provides valuable information not possible with some research on much larger operations." 

R. Kremer, Professor of Soil Science - University of Missouri & Microbiologist, USDA-Agricultural Research Service (Retired)



"I truly enjoyed my work/visit yesterday! I was describing it to my husband, Kelly, and I realized how much more energizing it was than some of the native plant hikes I've taken. The difference is that there were so many more dimensions, contexts, practical applications, and dynamics to experience and learn about. Bugs, birds, edible plants, food ............ so rich and interesting! Thank you for sharing it with others. Also, the eggs are delicious (and pretty)!"  

D. Werts,

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program at our March meeting.  I have had such great feedback from our members.  It was truly inspiring to hear about what you have created with Prairie Birthday Farm!"

L. Sutherland, President,


"It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday, and I am still absolutely floored that I was able to get my hands on that photo! ... I am beyond excited that I've found what seems to be the perfect source of art!"

T. Parillo

"I love your projects, ideas, concept, and I would love to plan a visit to your farm for my birthday this year in July.  Do you think something could be arranged? Also, your tablescapes are so amazing I wish you would feature more online.  I admire your artwork so much and would love to speak with you and possibly even help you work on the farm."

J. Dvorak

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