Farm research projects have been funded by the Missouri Department of Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture, Research and Education (SARE) project.


Current Projects:


Development of a Carbon Farming Plan through Assessment of Tree/Shrub Agroforestry Data for Increased Production, Resource Valuation, Carbon Sequestration and Related Ecosystem Benefits

Published results of ongoing soil research at Prairie Birthday Farm can be found at:



Most apects of growing food are evaluated on a continual basis. Varieties are sought from many sources with special attention to descriptions of flavor and uniqueness.  Micro climates around the Farm are identified and trials of plants in those specific locations inform the addition of types and varieties of food.


An innovation is generally thought of as a new idea, process or method. Repurposing old tools and materials is one way of innovating that results in problem solving while saving resources.  




Prairie Birthday Farm is dedicated to promoting education about and respect for the plants and animals that sustain our lives. Our Resource Page includes: