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Heritage and Wild Fruit


The best-tasting dishes come from the freshest, most flavorful fruit.


Fruits chosen for the Farm reflect hours of researching old (1800s) and current references for descriptions of special flavor and necessary growing conditions. Fruits planted on the Farm are from the domestic (pear, peach, apple, plum, quince, cherry, nectarine, etc.) and the wild (persimmon, paw paw, elderberry, plum, etc.) harvested across the growing season. 


Growing fruit organically in the Midwest is very difficult; it is a labor of passion and patience. Some fruit trees take as many as eight years to come into production, but the rich, distinctive flavors deliver a unique and pleasurable eating experience that is well worth the wait.


Typical seasonal offerings might include:


  • Rhubarb in May

  • Plums in June

  • Elderberries in July

  • Pears in August

  • Wild persimmon in September

  • Huckleberries in October

Please contact us to learn more:

Prairie Birthday Farm
Clay County, Missouri

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