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Fresh Eggs

When was the last time you tasted a really fresh egg-one with an upright yolk that was a deep, rich yellow and with a white that stayed together in a plump circle instead of running all over the pan?  If your answer is, “I guess I never have," or, "I can’t remember,” it’s time to try these.  These eggs are special!

You may get an egg with 2 yolks.  The yolk may be a dark yellow and have a richer taste, the white may be thicker and the whole egg hold together more firmly than you’ve seen.  That’s because these chickens have had access to a more naturally nutritious diet than commercial hens, and the egg shows it.  The "girls" receive whole certified organic grains (7+), filtered water and pasture.  Artificial light is never used to force production.
The heritage breeds (chicken and duck)  have been selected for their hardiness, consistent egg production, and shell colors ranging from browns to pale greens and blues.

Facts about One Large Egg


  • Perfectly packaged

  • 13 vitamins and minerals

  • 15% daily allowance of protein 

  • equal to 1 oz. of lean meat, fish, or poultry

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Prairie Birthday Farm
Clay County, Missouri

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